Potential Benefits of Counselling.

benefits of counselling

Why should you consider counselling? It’s a good question. It’s also a necessary question. After all, why would you want to fork out money for something without knowing what you will gain from it? Right? – Read more…

From consultation to ongoing sessions.

ongoing sessions

Counselling can feel quite dauting at first. I get that. I still remember my own experience of searching for a counsellor and how every counsellor seemed to have a different way of navigating the initial process. I also remember how overwhelming it felt for me, which added to my already heightened emotions. Keeping that experience […]

Online Counselling. Is it for me?

Online Counselling

Online counselling has quickly become quite popular yet many people still have a lot of reservations around it, which is understandable. It feels new and different and that can make people feel uncertain and concerned. So, I thought, why not write a blog around my method of online counselling – video calls; and how it […]

My Counselling Approach

Yasmin Kermali Desk

Different counsellors will have different approaches and it can get confusing trying to figure out all the academic jargon, in order to decide which counselling approach may work for you. Now, I could say something like “I use the integrative approach which at times may mean that I combine a bit of Gestalt with the […]